17 October 2013

When will the next Google PageRank Update happen In 2013?

The question is and has been bugging many who run websites of their own. The much anticipated update for Google’s PageRank is still supposed to happen but many aren’t quite sure. If there is anyone who know it is Google. For those who don’t know. Google PageRank is a tool for measuring just how important […]

11 October 2013

Is a Google Pagerank necessary to achieve a Higher Ranking in Google?

Not many of us are aware of the whole deal with Google PageRank. In fact many web designers panic over the smallest of changes in their page ranking scores. This article attempts to clear the air on why you should or shouldn’t focus on Google PageRank if you are looking for good SEO. Is the […]

29 September 2013

What are the benefits of guest posting for a website’s ranking?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of altering the online visibility of a web page or site in the results of a regular search engine. In most cases, the website that appears right on top (rank) of other websites amongst the search results will obviously attract more visitors. The more visitors a website receives, […]

19 September 2013

What’s the fastest way to get a new Website indexed by Google?

In order to have your website listed and indexed on Google’s search result page quickly can be best done by ensuring that your website features all that is required by Google. And these requirements are as follows: Web directory submission: These directories act as online platforms for creating links where it will be possible for […]

9 September 2013

What are the major SEO changes in 2013?

Ever since the internet took birth, the entire world has changed. We have even noticed changes in different fields of life. Even the offline world is also not free from the impact of the internet. And a crucial aspect of this change is because of marketing. A new dimension in the online world has taken […]

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