7 September 2018

When should you add Meta Descriptions?

Search engine optimization tools still have a high regard for meta descriptions. If you scan the pages of your website with any SEO tool, it will likely tell you whether your meta descriptions are present or not. If the meta descriptions are not there, this is supposed to be bad for the SEO of your […]

25 July 2018

Link Diversity and its Relevance for SEO

Link diversity has been widely used as a means to rank a site, but what role does it exactly play in it? Is this role still relevant in 2018? Reality Check I wished to make things clearer so I asked for the opinion of an expert in search engines – Ammon Johns. According to Ammon […]

27 June 2018

How to Recover from a Google DeIndexing Situation

Is your website indexed on Google? Does it have a high ranking? If you answered yes to both questions, then you need to continue reading. You might be enjoying a steady flow of organic traffic from Google right now, but it can go away at any time. Why? Well, it is the result of Google […]

7 January 2018

Hottest Anticipated SEO Trends in 2018

What is to expect? What’s next to see? Well, for Search Engine Optimization, there’s a lot to prepare for in 2018. It’s a whole new chapter to adapt to. Now, let’s have a peek! Okay, but first, let’s have a little history review. SEO came about in the early 1990s, when the first search engines […]

24 October 2017

7 Key Time Management Tips Every SEO Needs To Know

When it comes to staying relevant online and getting top-notch results on search engines, tight deadlines and incessant multitasking can be inevitable. SEOs might have the responsibility of juggling technical tasks all at once, but time spent on a task greatly affects quality of output. Here are 7 key tips and tricks when it comes […]

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