26 November 2014

What are the indications of a Google Penalty?

Many companies rely on web search providers to bring internet traffic to their online business.  Without the web search providers, business would flow in much slower or even be non-existent, as people would be unable to find the business unless they already knew about.  Given that many web searchers are done by people looking for […]

17 November 2014

Is Fresh Content necessary to achieve a Higher Google Ranking?

It can be difficult to keep putting fresh content on a business site, especially if you are a small business owner trying to maintain the company’s site yourself.  Finding or creating new content can be time consuming and it can be expensive to hire someone to create it for your site.  You may wonder if […]

10 November 2014

What is Domain and Page Authority?

Domain authority and page authority are two very different things. However, they both have to do with your reliability as a page, size, backlinks number, and can even effect your SEO. Here, we will look at domain authority and page authority. We will also attempt to explain what each of them is. We will also […]

5 November 2014

Which Factors affect the Domain Authority?

Are you looking to improve your webpage or domain value? Then domain authority is something that just cannot be ignored. Here we will look at the few things about your webpage that effect overall domain authority. While some of them are not things you can directly control, others can very easily be controlled. We will […]

31 October 2014

The Influence of Social Media Votes on SEO

Are you currently working on your businesses online or social media marketing campaign? If so, then you might want to consider the effect of social media votes on SEO. Both SEO and social media are must haves for any sort of online marketing. Here, we will tell you more about what social media votes are. […]

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